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The Attention Economy [Video]

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

In this video we learn about tech companies that are leveraging our time, attention, and energy for their profit.

As athletes, how we use our time and channel our focus is essential in us accomplishing our goals.

Every single day matters.

Great athletes separate themselves from their competition through consistent, dedicated, and precise work.

The Code of A Built Athlete states:

“I will develop and utilize the ability to focus. I will control my emotions and not allow them to negatively impact my decisions. I will take care of my physical and digital surroundings, keeping them in order. I will not waste time; time is precious. I know that the success I achieve in life is directly connected to my ability to set goals and achieve them through consistent and focused action.“

It is well documented how rapidly technology is advancing in our modern world. Never before in the history of mankind has so much information been so easily accessible. Never before in the history of our world have so many advancements been made in so short a time.

The advancement of technology has created a vast spectrum of benefits for individuals, communities, and nations. Industries have been created, and various economies connected. Commerce is now global and rapid.

A new and powerful economy has emerged in the midst of this technological boom: The Attention Economy. The companies that dominate this economy have created “free” digital platforms that promise to connect us, entertain us, and enhance our social experience.

Vibrant colors, haptic feedback, endless scrolling, likes, subscribers, shares, and engagement streaks are just a few of the intricate features of these platforms. Driven by powerful, ever advancing algorithms, these platforms “learn” about their users and feed content and notifications that have one goal: capture our attention in order monetize the platform though advertising and marketing revenue.

James Williams, a former Google employee and doctoral candidate researching Design Ethics at Oxford University, argues that digital technologies privilege our impulses over our intentions.

Watch the video, take notes, and take aggressive action to optimize your relationship with the technology in your life.

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