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High School


The ultimate preparation for the next level. BUILT offers everything a student-athlete needs to maximize their athletic & academic

potential.  Satisfaction Guaranteed

Academy Services include:

  • Initial Athlete Evaluation and Assessments

  • Speed Lab Testing ( Partnered w/ Spellman Performance)

  • Change of Direction & Agility Development (Foundational & Complex Movements which help reduce chance of injury)

  • Proper & Individualized Development Path (customized with true progressions towards goals & needs based off biomarkers and metrics captured through initial evaluation.)

  • Built Method Curriculum (Our unique strategy designed to improve each area of our code: Focus, Learning, Serving, Training, Fuel, & Recovery)

  • Custom Performance Nutrition Plan

  • Goal Setting & Planning

  • Whoop Recovery (manage and track sleep optimization)

  • Movement Screening

  • In-Body Body Comp Analysis

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Middle School


We aim to increase the athletes overall athleticism with improvements in coordination, speed, balance, and strength so that they can excel in all sports.

We take a foundational and broad athletic development

Training Groups emphasize:

  • Movement Principles

  • Full Body Foundation Strength Training

  • Spinal, Hip, & Core Strength Development

  • Stability & Flexibility Training

  • Speed, Quickness, & Agility ( Free Locomotion and Quick Response Coordination)

  • Practical Nutrition, Mindset, and Recovery Strategies

High School

Team Consulting 

We offers consultations for all sport teams. Helping coaches with team strength and conditioning so they can focus on what they do best, Coach their sport.

--Speed Profiling, Monitoring & Programming 

--In-Season Load Management & Injury Reduction 

--Jump Profiling, Monitoring & Programming

--Strength Training Consulting & Programming


Give yourself back the time to
focus on the important things and schedule a meeting.

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College / Pro Training


The off-season is the time to distance yourself from the competition, and nowhere can better prepare you for an upcoming season than BUILT. Whether you are trying to earn a spot, stay sharp, or recover from an injury, BUILT customized training programs, expert coaches and specialists, professional-grade tech and facility, and overall convenience will help you prepare and take your game to the next level.

Athletes receive:

  • Rigorous training program custom to each individual, that’s solely focused on peak performance and development on weaknesses, strengths, and needed skillsets. 

  • Performance training in speed, strength, agility, nutrition, interviewing and establishing a high-performance mindset

  • Digital speed profiling with sprint specific tests to help identify physical and technical needs and develop a plan. * Southwest Speed Lab partnered with USR and Spellman Performance.

  • Full support from BUILT Academy coaches, trainers and specialists.

  • Customized Performance Nutrition Plan

  • Combine Prep Services Available upon request

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