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High School


The ultimate preparation for the next level. BUILT offers everything a student-athlete needs to maximize their athletic & academic

potential.  Satisfaction Guaranteed

Academy Services include:

  • Initial Athlete Evaluation and Assessments

  • Speed Lab Testing (Partnered w/ Les Spellman)

  • Change of Direction & Agility Development (Foundational & Complex Movements which help reduce chance of injury)

  • Proper & Individualized Development Path (customized with true progressions towards goals & needs based off biomarkers and metrics captured through initial evaluation.)

  • Built Method Curriculum (Our unique strategy designed to improve each area of our code: Focus, Learning, Serving, Training, Fuel, & Recovery)

  • Custom Performance Nutrition Plan

  • Goal Setting & Planning

  • Movement Screening

  • In-Body Body Comp Analysis

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College / Pro Training
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The off-season is the time to distance yourself from the competition, and nowhere can better prepare you for an upcoming season than BUILT. Whether you are trying to earn a spot, stay sharp, or recover from an injury.  BUILT customized training programs, expert coaches and specialists, professional-grade tech and facility, and overall convenience will help you prepare and take your game to the next level.

Athletes receive:

  • Rigorous training program custom to each individual, needs analysis, athletic profiling, sport,  and position. Solely focused on peak performance and development on weaknesses, strengths, and needed skillsets. 

  • Individualized Performance training in speed, strength, agility, nutrition, interviewing and establishing a high-performance mindset.

  • Digital speed profiling with sprint specific tests to help identify physical and technical needs to develop a plan. * BUILT Speed Lab is partnered with McLlyod GPS, and the  Spellman Performance USR.

  • Full support from BUILT Academy coaches, trainers and specialists.

  • Customized Performance Nutrition Plan

  • Combine Prep Services Available upon request

Middle School


We aim to increase the athletes overall athleticism & motor skills with improvements in coordination, speed, balance, and strength so that they can excel in all sports.

We take a foundational and broad athletic development

Training Groups emphasize:

  • Movement Principles

  • Full Body Foundation Strength Training

  • Spinal, Hip, & Core Strength Development

  • Stability & Flexibility Training

  • Speed, Quickness, & Agility ( Free Locomotion and Quick Response Coordination)

  • Practical Nutrition, Mindset, and Recovery Strategies

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