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BUILT has professional level coaching, resources, and expertise at all levels. We combine our collegiate & professional sports experience with our higher level education to bring out the best version of development. Built Sports Performance Academy was founded with a burning desire to give athletes the professional level tools resources, and coaching they wish they would've had as they pursued their dreams of pro sports from a young age in a under resourced community. In addition to their backgrounds as high level collegiate and professional athletes, the coaches surrounding BUILT bring over 17+ years of on floor experience, collegiate and pro playing and coaching experience, higher level college education, and professional certifications to their programming, systems, coaching, and products at Built. Their passion for coaching is evident in the relationships and results they deliver on a day to day basis. 

Jacob Banegas
BExSc & SPORTS SCIENCE, USR Speed Specialist, APC

FOUNDER - Head Coach, Performance Director

Former Pro Football- D1 Athlete / Collegiate

 S&C Intern Coach

Currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Human Performance, Former Professional and Division 1 Athlete Jacob Banegas is an established sports science and human performance specialist located in the Las Cruces, NM, & El Paso, TX communities. While his CFL/NFL career was haulted due to COVID, he quickly realized that the game was much bigger than himself.  Spending over 8 years in the collegiate and private strength and conditioning sector, He developed BUILT wanting to provide the right resources and create a level playing field of opportunities in the southwest region that is under recruited and under resourced. Through every training session, Jacob's mission is to help develop these southwest athletes to become the best at any level. Together, we will keep building. 

Built Sports Performance_04112022-124.jpeg

B.S. Kinesiology

CO-FOUNDER - VP of Operations & Marketing Director

Former D1 Football Athlete

Currently  the Marketing Director at Samson Equipment, Andrew's leadership and strategic insight  have played a pivotal role in development and growth of the company. His education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, a minor in Sports Marketing and Business Administration from NMSU. Andy's education alongside his collegiate S&C coaching and playing experience brings valuable knowledge in our Team Contracting Operations.


CO-FOUNDER - PN1 Nutrition Specialist

Former D1 Baseball Athlete

Built Sports Performance_04152022-1.jpg


The heart and soul of Built Sports Performance are the athletes that show up and work hard week in and week out. They represent everything we stand for. Their success is the sole focus of everything we do.

Our Culture of athletic development is fueled by an unrelenting desire to maximize performance, on and off a field. Through a collective pursuit of physical, mental, and emotional growth. As we provide tools that every athlete in the world should have. A System of progressions in the weight room. A Mental development method combining self-reflection and self-evaluation in a journalling process. As well as some unique recovery tools and resources to display the knowledge and add the missing piece of nutrition and sleep. 


Daily, We strive to develop the 12 Traits of a Built Athlete: Integrity, Intent, Self-Discipline, Ownership, Positivity, Precision, Resilience, Bearing, Generosity, Intelligence, Creativity, and Courage. Knowing that all sports give us the blueprint to achieve success in every phase of life.

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